Services & Pricing

Pricing is one of the fundamental differences that sets Engle Tyler & Associates apart from our competitors. Our pricing method was designed with your goals and objectives in mind.

The Financial Assessment is an objective analysis and assessment of your current financial situation. The process begins with a general snapshot of your financial situation. We then help you clarify your main areas of concern and provide the resources to develop a general assessment of your situation with potential options to achieve improvements. Typical areas of focus may be cash flow management and forecasting, portfolio risk profiling, tax planning or estate strategies. Depending on the focus of the assessment, we may utilize CPAs, Attorneys, or Asset Managers. This service is not a comprehensive plan and is not available for complex financial issues requiring more than six hours of planner time.
We offer a Second Opinion, an objective, no-obligation evaluation of a broker recommendation, your existing plan, a financial product or a specific financial situation. You needn't be a client to take advantage. The service is not available for complex financial issues.
One of the important differences of Engle Tyler & Associates is that our advisors make your financial plan central to our process. Financial plans are sometimes used as a way of discovering assets and identifying product sales opportunities. After the opportunities are identified, the actual plan may be forgotten or abandoned.
With the advisors at Engle Tyler & Associates, the financial plan is our primary service. We create a plan for you that is dynamic and designed to grow and evolve as a representation of you. Your plan is a combination of your assets, liabilities, risk tolerance, goals, objectives, time horizons, and your financial attitudes. You can feel confident that your qualified planner always has an accurate and current profile of you. This includes coordinated access to all important financial data and documents, professional and financial motivation to do what's in your best interest, a legal fiduciary liability to do what's in your best interest and the technology to coordinate your financial, tax and legal advisors into a comprehensive financial plan.
Fee Waiver – Clients that have Assets Under Management with the advisors at Engle Tyler & Associates may be eligible to have their Financial Planning fee waived or reduced.
Asset Management is a fee-only service, no commissions are accepted. When your investment portfolio is managed by the advisors at Engle Tyler & Associates, you may be assured that your money is being managed using prudent management processes.  All portfolios are tailored to the specific needs of you and your financial situation.  Account must be over $50,000 to be elgible for this program.  We do offer other investment options for accounts under $50,000. 
If we identify a need for insurance products or the need to increase the value of existing insurance plans, you have options. We will help you determine your insurance needs and are able to shop for quotes from many insurance companies to find the products that are acceptable for your situation