The Process



Our planning process is done in three stages:
Stage One - The Foundation
At your first meeting, we will want to get to know more about you. Some of the topics you'll discuss include your current financial situation, your goals and your risk tolerance. Allow at least one hour for this initial data-gathering session. You'll be given a homework assignment with a list of documents and other information you will need to provide for the development of your Financial Assessment or Comprehensive Financial Plan.
While your Financial Assessment or Comprehensive Plan is in development, your planner may contact you for clarification or to ask for more information.
Stage Two - The Presentation
When we are ready with strategic recommendations, a plan strategy session is scheduled to review the rough recommendations and make appropriate adjustments. Depending on the extent of any required adjustment, action plan implementation may begin at this point. The initial plan is then completed and scheduled for presentation and review.
Stage Three - The Implementation
During the implementation of your plan we will provide a selection of attorneys and tax professionals, complete the recommended action plans, organize the processes and keep you informed. When the initial implementation is complete, your planner will continue to organize, update, monitor and keep you informed as to the progress of your personal plan and components. At this point you can take your financial plan and implement it on your own or you have the option to use the Asset Management program. The Asset Management program may provide a waiver to pay for a portion or all of your planning fees.